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This year, in lieu of participating in shows, I am placing some items in gift shops in Oklahoma.

Be advised that items placed in shops will take up to a week to ship so that I have time to go retrieve them.

Make It Yours - Tecumseh, OK

There are many other artists out there in the wide world that I am inspired by and/or have purchased materials from. Maybe you will be inspired by them as well!

Kristi's Kreations - I bought some clay/resin crescent moons. Still learning how to play with them.

Lycan'Quirky - Rebel Wolf makes the most amazing resin cabochons! I bought a few crescents that I just drool over, and am hoping to learn to do what she does!

Back to Earth Creations - Yvonne Williams is an amazing artist. She not only makes amazing jewelry, she teaches it, and shares it with everyone.

She inspired me during a time I thought I would never find myself again.

April Kellman                                         Wellston, Oklahoma, USA     

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