Hi, I'm April.
I'm an artist, a crafter, a lover, a fighter, an audiophile, a friend, a Hufflepuff...

I started crafting in general in my teens, in less than normal cicrumstances, finding outlet in making with my hands. I made a box. It's wooden, it's black, and if you dont open the box you might think a pro made it. The hinge is crooked. That doesn't matter, it's mine.

That was 25 years ago.

I started making jewelry in high school. Simple stringing. Then in my mid 20s, a friend bought me a book on bead stitching, and I was hooked. Off to the races.

I've worked in, or dabbled in, almost any aspect of jewelry making that doesn't involve using fire. In my blog posts, you'll read about my experiences in mediums, things I've learned, and the parts of this I either enjoy or struggle with.

April at Damariscotta Lake, Maine

I've dealt with mental Illness my entire life. I've always been highly functional, but struggled to find a meaningful place in society, to be in the world. It's hard to live outside of it and try to be in it.

Crafting and selling my works really helps. I have the opportunity and the pleasure to make really cool and interesting things, and then sell them to people who are fascinated by the work.

I'm not in this for the money. Most crafters, artisans really, aren't. Sure, we have to cover our habits! Some of us have to cover a living. But it's really all about passion...and we are so thankful to have customers and friends who support our habits.

Thank you for coming.