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You're in my shop, you want to buy something I made, but you have questions. Come on in!
If there is something I haven't answered here, click the chat button on the bottom right corner.
I'll make sure to reply within 24 hours.


Orders are easy. Find something you love, add it to your cart, off you go...

but, you need alterations.

Well, let's see what kinds of options you have!

Earring Conversion:

You have many options here. There is no added cost to convert. All earwires come with a pair of rubber earnuts.


  • Silver plated earwire, Hypoallergenic

  • Silver plated earwire, Nickel-Free

  • Silver colored leverbacks

  • Silver colored clip-ons

  • Silver colored posts.


  • Gold colored earwire

  • Gold colored leverbacks

  • Gold colored clip-ons.


  • Copper earwires

  • Copper leverbacks

  • Bronze clip-ons.


  • Plastic Earwires

"Hey, I am (or recipient is) allergic/sensitive to these things!"

I can't change the metal that was used in the construction of the earrings, but that part that goes through your earlobe? I can convert them to plastic earwires.

Necklace Length Alteration

Necklaces are difficult to alter their length without taking them apart. Additionally, because of the clasps that I use, standard lengtheners do not work.

To that end, I have made the option to custom make an extender for your purchase. This can be specific to the piece or universal. This, of course, is dependent on the type of clasp on the piece.

The exception to this is necklaces that are made with chain. By adding links or removing links, the length can be customized to the customer. These pieces will have this notated on its page.

In the future I will be altering how I construct pieces so that lengthening the piece will be a simpler alteration.


All packages ship in bubble mailers. Most products ship in the standard 9x6x1 mailer.

The trees ship in the 15x10.5x1 bubble mailer.

I wrap the pieces in tissue paper and place them in the bubbles. I attempt to make them as flat and evenly spaced as possible.

(DOMESTIC ONLY) The exception here are the ball ornaments. Normally, I ship them in the standard mailer without the ball, while indicating in the description what size ball it fits on.

However, if you want the ball that the item is pictured with, it is an additional $5 for shipping.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I go entirely on what USPS says it costs to ship there. I can only suggest that your purchase be worth the cost of shipping. I use the flat-rate international padded mailer.

GIFT SHIPPING: I do not currently have this option, but I am eager to talk to you about working it out.


Something went wrong, and you don't like what you bought. It's too short, too long, something broke...

*Returns for purchases that are intact: 30 days, customer reimbursed for purchase (not shipping)

*returns for purchases broken, fixable, etc. if you want it fixed, 3 years. I want you to like what you bought, I want you to keep wearing it. Send it back to me, I'll fix it and send it back. Repair cost entirely dependent on severity of repair.

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