A Fresh Start

April 14, 2020 - Opening

I'm so glad you found me here. A lot of things have changed for me in the last year. I'm doing this alone, I'm leaving Etsy, and I'm trying to learn new things all the time.

This, here, my own site. Another new adventure.

I dabble in many things. I think at this point I've done everything except metal manipulation and anything involving fire. Chain Maille, Chain Work, Simple Stringing, Stitchwork, Kumihimo, Wire Wrapping...done. Self-Taught. Still wanting more. Look for more about this in my Journal.

My products are under their headings. It's pretty self-explanatory. Inventory management will take time. Some may have very little until I'm more ready to launch in that direction, but I have time.

I hope this leaves you, as well, wanting more.

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