• CUSTOM - Angel or Fairy


    Do you want a specific color and metal combination you're not seeing here? I do make custom angels and fairies. Please allow an extra day of preparing for custom made angels.

    They follow the same principles as the others: they come with a swivel lobster clasp if wanted as a keychain or zipper pull. Continue on to the Spirals page if you want one for your Angel or Fairy.


    I have options for wings and options for the flower skirts.

    Wings: Angel (Shiny Silver, Pewter, Copper, Bronze) & Fairy (Silver)

    Flower Skirts: Tall Flutes (Purple, Yellow, Pink, Coral, Salmon); Long Sweeps (Purple, Teal, Yellow, Sage Green, Orange, Red, Pink); Fluted Sweeps (Red, White, Hot Pink, Soft Pink, Soft Blue, Lilac, Hot Purple); Short Flute (Black); Frosted Sugar Plum (Blue, Purple, Pink)

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