CUSTOM - Angel or Fairy
  • CUSTOM - Angel or Fairy


    All angels and fairies are custom ordered. Pick your skirt and wing type, and I will make it for you. Please allow 1-3 days for production of custom-made element.


    A note: The frosted sugar plum skirts do not look right with the angel wings. I included an image of one made as a fairy, and you can see why. The angel wings are much longer than the fairy wings, and it distorts the balance.


    These are the options for wings and for the flower skirts.

    Wings: Angel (Shiny Silver, Gold) & Fairy: Rounded (Silver), Angled (Silver, Gold)

    Flower Skirts: Tall Flutes (Purple, Lt Purple, Yellow, Pink, Coral, Salmon, White, Blue, Green, Lt Green); Long Sweeps (Purple, Teal, Yellow, Sage Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Black); Fluted Sweeps (Red, White, Peach, Soft Blue, Purple); Frosted Sugar Plum (Blue, Purple, Pink)